National defense academy gets ready to welcome THE CHANGE

  Giving equal opportunities to all sectors of the population is a sign of a righteous society. The supreme judicial body of India, “The Supreme Court” has taken a vital step forward to attain the goal to make India perfect in gender equality. The honourable Supreme Court has decided to allow women to apply for the NDA examination.

  NDA examination is conducted twice a year in order to recruit cheerful youngsters into the Indian armed forces after the completion of their higher secondary education. Women candidates haven’t had the opportunity to dream of the prestigious NDA academy. 

  On September 8 2021, a bench led by justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and M M Sundresh has wiped out gender discrimination by allowing women candidates to apply for the post in permanent commission.

  M Bhati took proactive measures in favour of women candidates. So that the NDA examination was postponed to November and also suggested some changes in policy, procedure, training and infrastructure changes to welcome women candidates to the NDA campus. All the best to all the aspirants who sacrifice their sleep for their great dream to make the synchronous rhythm of boots in the NDA pared ground.


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