Why Armed Forces get more respect and benefits?

The feel which comes immediately when a civilian meets a soldier, wearing the prestigious uniform, is Respect!!

 The Delhi High Court said: “A soldier or officer’s honour and dignity is as much a part of his right to life; it is to be respected just as much, if not more, for the reason that it is offered unhesitatingly and fully in defending the borders of the nation. Unlike ‘hired guns’ they stand guard so that the rest exercise our liberties. Denying them the right to a safe workplace with standard equipment constitutes violation of their right to life and dignity.”

 Fundamental rights are the rights given to citizens of India irrespective of their caste, gender, economic and political status etc. But Article 33 and 34 of the Indian constitution restricts some of the fundamental right of members of armed forces. Parliament makes laws to restrict the rights of these members.

All members of Military, Paramilitary, Police Forces, Intelligence Agencies, and similar forces should obey these rules. Even non combatant person should obey this.

There are some special acts such as Army Act, Navy Act, Air Force Act, Police Forces ( restriction of rights) Act etc. These impose restrictions on their freedom, right to form associations, right to be members of trade unions or political parties, right to communicate with press, right to attend public meetings or demonstrations etc.

Members of armed forces is subjected to the laws of our country as well as the laws of the force they belongs to. Also they have separate Court Martial.

All these restrictions are required to make the proper discharge of their duty and to maintain discipline and efficiency in their work.

Last but not the least, each and everyone in any uniform force serves the nation with dedication. They are happy even if they miss the happy and peaceful life with family. Uniform is not only a cloth used to cover the body; it’s an emotion, prestige and the soul of a soldier. All those achievements and medals represent their sacrifice. Treat them with Respect is the only way to thank them for protecting us from external and internal threats.

 Jai Hind!

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