Pro Tips For Cracking SSC GD 2021 Recruitment

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As you all know, the Recruitment process consists of 3 phases!

  1. CBE (Computer Based Examination)
  2. PET & PST (Physical Efficiency and Standard Test)
  3. Detailed Medical Examination


Coming to the first phase, that is CBE (Computer Based Examination), which was scheduled to be conducted from 16 November 2021 to 15 December 2021.

Total marks will be out of 100 and the number of questions will be 100. and 0.25 marks will be deducted from the total if a question is marked as wrong.

What all to be carried out for entering the examination hall will be written in the Admit Card which can be downloaded in the month of November (expected)

Rough papers for calculations will be provided during the examination for calculations which has to be submitted after the exam is over.

Computer-Based Examination consists of 4 sections

  1. Elementary Mathematics (25 Questions for 25 marks)
  2. General Intelligence and Reasoning (25 Questions for 25 marks)
  3. General Knowledge (25 Questions for 25 marks)
  4. English/Hindi (25 Questions for 25 marks)

Watch a detailed video on the Syllabus and the expected number of questions from each chapter.

Pro tips for Cracking Exam to score 90+ marks

  1. Since there is enough time to prepare for the examination don't miss any chapters.
  2. Start by learning each and every concept that will make you able to solve any questions and don't be selective.
  3. Learn all possible types of questions from the previous year's questions.
  4. Try to solve as many questions as you can.
  5. Start learning by which section you find it easy and that will increase the confidence to learn other sections too.
  6. Smart work is more important than hard work, so, learn each concept by understanding.
  7. During the CBE examination, solve the section which you find easy, which will make you more confident to solve any questions and from any section.

Practice our mock Tests

Visit our mock test portal to solve mock tests based on the CBE exam pattern. 

Mock tests are conducted based on timings which will be informed through our telegram channel. Click here to join our telegram channel.

While you are inside our mock test portal you are supposed to give a Roll Number which will be in the format {your_dob+any_two_digit}

Example for Roll Number:- Suppose you are born on 25 January 2002, and any two-digit number you like be 29. (January means 01, February means 02 and so on..) for the year you are born have to take the last two-digit (2002 means 02). Then your Roll Number will be 25010229

You can write the exam only on time as we schedule and you can submit at any time during the exam, If you are unable to submit on time it will be automatically submitted on time.

Results will be published as soon as the exam is overs through our Telegram Channel.

Click here to access our Mock test portal.

Join our Online Course (Language - Malayalam)

You can also join our online course which consists of everything you need to clear the examination at the lowest cost of Rs 500/-(One-time payment, No monthly fees) which is the complete fee till your exam gets over.

Features of our Classes
  1. All classes are pre-recorded so, that you can access them at any time you like.
  2. Classes can be downloaded.
  3. Study materials for each and every chapter
  4. Chapterwise Question papers
  5. Doubt discussion group so, that you can ask your doubts at any time.
  6. Live classes for elementary Mathematics Question paper discussion (If you are unable to attend the class, the record of those classes will also be available.).
  7. 5 Mock tests will be conducted based on the complete syllabus 2 weeks before the exam.
  8. As many question papers will be discussed 2 weeks before the CBE examination.
Online Courses are through Online Portal.

Register through Telegram Click here!

Click here to check our demo classes.

PET(Physical Efficiency Test)

You should cover 5 KM in 24 Minutes for male candidates and 1.6 KM in 8 Minutes 30 Seconds, no extra time will be given. 

PST(Physical Standard Test)

You are required to have a minimum of 170 Cms height for male candidates and 157 Cms for female candidates.

Comming to chest male candidates are required to have 80 Cms without expansion and 85 Cms with expansion. Female candidates are exempted from chest measurement.

Weight should be proportional to height.

DME(Detailed Medical Examination)

This is the last and final stage of your recruitment process. At the time of DME, you should submit all documents for verification. After verification of documents, each and every point from head to toe will be examined in detail by a doctor.

If you have any doubt, please feel free to comment down below. also don't forget to share this post with all your SSC GD aspirants :)

Jai Hind!

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