WOMEN IN INDIAN ARMY : History and Opportunities

Right to equality is one among the fundamental rights in Indian constitution. India, as a democratic country, ensures equal importance and opportunities to men and women in almost all sectors. Indian army was one among the organizations which has less opportunities for women. But now, Indian army opens it’s door for women defense aspirants. 

Women in Indian army; History 

• 1992 - Indian army offered opportunities for women, to become an officer.
• 2008 – Women special entry schemes, and NCC entry were introduced.
• 2016 – Women troops were inducted to Assam rifles.
• 2019 – Induction of Women military police.
• 2020 – Approved permanent commission for Women officers.
• This trend is expected to be continued.

Women in Indian army; Opportunities

There are two main ways to join Indian army. 

1. As Women military police:

It is a new opportunity to join Indian army. There may be approximately 100 vacancies per year. 
Age limit : 17.5 to 21
Educational qualification: Matriculation

2. As an officer

• Graduate UPSC entry : Through CDS examination conducted by UPSC. You need to quality in written exam and SSB interview and can join Officers Training Academy, Chennai. Vacancy may declared by UPSC ( Below 20 most of the times)
Age limit: 19 – 25
Qualification : Any Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University.

• Graduate non UPSC entry : Through three entry schemes,

NCC special entry for graduates possessing NCC 'C' certificate with A or B grade. 
Age limit : 19-25
Qualification: graduation and NCC 'C' certificate with minimum B grade.

JAG entry : Judge Advocate General entry is for LLB graduates.
Age limit : 21-27 
Vacancy: 4

Technical entry: It is for engineering graduates.
Age limit : 20-27
Vacancy : 20 

• Other entry schemes :

One can join Indian army through Army Medical Corps after completing the higher secondary education  Bioscience stream and clearing the NEET examination. The Armed Force Medical College offers MBBS degree for those candidates. 

Army education corps 
Age limit : 23 – 27
Educational qualification : Masters degree

MNS – Military nursing service
Educational qualification : higher secondary in Bioscience stream.
Age limit : 17- 25

Here we can see, there are many opportunities for women. Only those who have strong determination can make it. Be yourself and keep working for it. Let’s crack it!

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