CRPF Cobra Commando


Cobra Commando is known as the special commando force of CRPF(Central Reserved Police Force) which was formed in the year 2008.

They comes in the position of top 10 Commando forces in India, They specialize many in Guerrilla Tactics and Jungle Warfare.

The main aim for the establishment of Cobra Commandos was to counter the Naxalite problems, Counter terrorism and to insurgent groups engaging in Asymmetrical Warfare, for these operations they are highly skilled.

Currently they have 10 Cobra Commando Battalions and from 2008 to till date they have successfully completed 12,817 operations.

For each battalions, the head of the battalion is IG.

There is no direct entry for Cobra Commando, to be a part of the Cobra Commando you should be a part of CRPF.

There are total four phases for the selection procedure, to get into Cobra Commando from the parent unit.

>Basic Training-5week

>Advance Training-12Week

Advance training which will be held Belgaum (Karnataka).

Total 3  Training Establishment for Cobra Commandos 

  1. Cobra School for Jungle Warfare
  2. Counter Terrorism and Insurgency
  3. CRPF Intelligence School

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